Theoretical versus Practical

To preface, it is definitely important to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.  However, often the due diligence process misses what is really important; the merits of the deal.

Traditional due diligence is by definition a legal defense. Legal defenses only matter in litigations and arbitrations.  We believe due diligence should be the shield against the legal actions.  Clients take legal action, when deals go bad.  To help avoid bad deals, the due diligence process should focus on the economic merits of the transaction.  Secondarily, it should provide a defense, in case the unexpected happens.

AMDG’s approach to due diligence is first to take the role of an investment analyst. We attempt to determine the potential rewards and pin down the key risks that would make the deal go south. Our reports are concise and to the point. Using AMDG’s report and their own analysis, a broker/dealer is in the position to make an informed decision whether the potential rewards warrant taking the risks.

Understanding that unexpected things happen, and unforeseen risks arise, AMDG’s due diligence process also includes all the traditional points of analysis required for a sound defense.

Our reports are delivered electronically in PDF format. The reports are locked so they can not be altered. Instead of charging for each report, the sponsor is free to deliver the report to as many broker/dealers as they see fit.

· Investment Analysis Approach

· Independent

· Sound Legal Due Diligence Defense

· Reports Delivered as PDF Files

· Sponsor is Free to Distribute Reports without Additional Fees


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