Give your employees a choice, money in their pocket or a salesman pocket!

Invest $100 a month for 30 years.

In a Variable Annuity(70% of 403b accounts are in variable annuities)

The typical 2% M&E Charge will cost:

$123,450 or 54% of Annuity Value at the end of 30 Years.


ˇ No Sales Charges

ˇ Education

ˇ Unbiased

ˇ Low Fees

ˇ IRS Compliant



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 No Load 403b Plan

AMDG Advisors, Ltd.

AMDG Advisors can create a no load investment platform that  benefits employees not brokers.  The plan provides top mutual funds and the necessary education to eliminate the middleman.  The plan can be customized to meet  any specific requirements that exist.